Monday, October 15, 2007

Lucy's Big Girl Underpants Tea Party

I forgot to post the most important food and beverage event in the Foster Family's recent history - Lucy's no-more-diapers -lotsa-big-girl-underpants tea party!

She is completely out of diapers and only wearing big girl underpants and to celebrate she asked for a tea party with her friends. We invited her best girlfriends - Hidaya (almost 2), Ruby (almost 3) and Sophia (almost 3) and strung underpants and balloons from the ceiling and got out the fine china tea cups.

The girls wore funny sunglasses, and dressed-up in beads, long evening gloves and boas and ate "finger sandwiches" (mini bagels with either tuna salad, egg salad or peanut butter). I made iced passion tea (from Starbucks) and served it from my gravy bowl - Okay, I don't own a china tea pot, so sue me.

The tea party itself lasted all of 6 minutes, but the girls revel in being together, so the party moved around the house with lightening speed. They dragged long strands of beads through every room like it was Mardi Gras and stopped to trade this hat for that glove and primped each other and chatted secretly in hushed tones and then, one would just go with some fire inside them and throw their arms around the other and squeeze.

They played in front of us and then, disappeared in the toy room for long periods and then re-emerged with a drawing or some wild discovery, eager to explain every detail to us and chatting non-stop. Occasionally a dispute broke out and a parent, like some SWAT team negotiator, had to be called in to broker some peace. There were episodes of loud, ear-drum-shattering screeching and it was explained to us that this was "dolphin's screeching"

Then, the boys, beers in hand, took the kids outside to the monkey bars on the terrace and stood around talking and chaperoning the climbing monkeys. The girls popped the last of the dishes in the dishwasher and lingered around the table, glasses of wine in hand, savoring a little extra time without screeches and howls.

That night, Lucy was so excited she threw her arms around me and planted a big kiss on my lips. This from the girl who declares "No kisses, Mommy" whenever I am in hugging range.

xxxooo Kim



b said...

VERY cool idea, mummy. What a fun time. Congratulations and 'cheers,' Lucy!

b said...

Tell Lucy thanks for the feedback--my target audience is toddlers.

Hey, I just added you to my blog roll as well.

Izzy's Mama said...

Tea parties are a favorite around this house. I am raising a tea-drinking, boy if it is the last thing I do! Plus I am the scone queen so he was weaned (sort of) on herbal tea and scones. Love Lucy's party, it looks adorable. Next time you can borrow one of my teapots for a proper tea.

Kim Foster said...

Izzy's Mama -

I am so excited to meet a scone queen!

I considered doing a formal English tea but I thought the whole thing would get lost on toddlers and I went for the easy, bastardized version of the English tea.

When she's a little older, we'll go whole hog...and you'll be the girl I call!