Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Realization in Seattle

David & Edie

We went to Seattle this weekend. David had to see a show and we all hopped on a plane and went. We traveled across the country like we were traveling across the river. And it was fabulous to all be together and heading out on this little adventure.

But I learned three important, life-altering things. Let me share them with you:

1. Don’t be an idiot and pack sunglasses for your trip to Seattle.You won’t need them. There is no sun.

2. Buy milk before you get to the hotel. Room service charges you $20 a quart. (Okay, we should’ve figured this out the first time it happened in London. The Fosters are gluttons for punishment)

3. If you forget to pack a comb and brush, your husband might look like an indie rock star, but your girls will look like tiny street urchins. And nobody wants that.

That’s what I learned. That and folks from Seattle are just lovely and frankly, we spent so much time talking to the ducks on Puget Sound we never made it to Pike’s Place Market. Okay, good parent, bad food blogger. You can’t have everything.

xxxooo YM



Mommy said...

So totally get that. Good parent, bad food blogger. I often feel that way about housework! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving, sounds like you are all blessed.

b said...

Hey--you were on our coast and didn't even stop by?

I don't blame you because, frankly, L.A. is an awful place. Hence the reason that we are moving to Portland this next year. Seattle is delightful as well!