Friday, January 25, 2008

Jerry Springer: The Opera

This is the post where I shamelessly use my food blog to gloat about my husband and his sexy, non-food-related job.

David's new show, Jerry Springer: The Opera, starring Harvey Keitel will be at Carnegie Hall on February 29 and 30. The show was originally a huge hit in London and won an Olivier Award for Best New Musical. David has been quoted in several magazine articles - I've included the Variety article and another in Time Out New York - which I want all of you to read because I am very proud of him.

David and his business partner, Jared
(who Lucy calls "Daddy's cousin" although we don't know why)

Also, the Catholic League has gotten their cassocks in a bunch and have come out against the show, saying it "celebrates moral nihilism", so check out what they have to say. They even found a way to link the show to the Nazis and the Nuremberg Trials, which I think is very creative of them.

Lucy has been asking to "go to the show with Daddy" but I think she can sit this one out. I don't know how we'll explain the tap dancing Klansmen...

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