Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For the Record...

This is my idea of nirvana (except David would be there, too).

What's yours?

xxoo YM

PS: No, those aren't all my children.

PPS: Yes, all I do is breastfeed.



Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful picture, YM.

Congratulations to you on this blog. For one, the writing is of a higher calibre than most (obviously) and genuinely hilarious. But, the way you proudly highlight nourishing your children with both your breasts and with real, home-cooked food is a triumph in the land of chicken nuggets. Your children will thank you. My 6-year-old son recently had trouble deciding whether to eat grilled squid or marinated octopus for dinner; meanwhile a classmate of his passionately lectured me on the merits of McDonald's when she learned my son had never been.

I will keep reading.
Another Yummy Mummy in Toronto.

The Yummy Mummy said...

Thanks YM#2!

What a lovely thing to write. You totally made my day.

It's good to know there are lots more parents out there cooking adventurously for their families and having fun doing it.

That said both me and the kids have had gluttonous, dare I say, orgiastic eating interludes at McDonalds, so you are waaaaaaaaaaay better than I am. (I wrote about it - it was after we got stuck in the airport at midnight on the way to Australia...gluttonous I tell you)

Actually, I'd love to hear this conversation between you and your son's classmate. I bet you were do dong a lot of eye rolling.

Kudos to you for having food scruples and thanks for reading. It means a lot.


Christine said...

You and your friends have some seriously gorgeous children.

I did I read right (in a previous post) that you and David are on the baby making train again! Go you guys! And poor Edie will have to get used to sharing. ;)

The Yummy Mummy said...

Hey Christine!

We will officially start "trying" next month. I'm going to apply science to it and use an ovulation predictor and all that jazz, so hopefully this year, we'll have a fun announcement to make.

I still have delusions that Edie will just decide one day she doesn't like the boob anymore...I know, I know. Delusional.

It's like I'm snorting glue when I say things like that...

xxoo Kim

Anonymous said...

I guess it does sound like I'm writing from atop my high horse, doesn't it? I only used McDonald's as an easy example of all "food evils" - they can take it. Around here we have enjoyed more than a few boxes of their takeout fries with tons of Heinz. We just choose not to introduce our son to all its "kid friendly" trappings. Food is pleasure. We are food snobs around here, for sure, but we're not saints - we love food too much (I'm talking glorious butter here) and respect everyone's choices.

But the conversation was funny, and she is very sweet and totally lovely, by the way, so no eye-rolling. She was only looking out for her poor, deprived friend.

Her (very serious, finger-wagging tone): McDonald's is a very good restaurant.
Me: Oh, really?
Her: Yes. You can get chicken nuggets, or a hamburger. And you can get a girl toy or a boy toy. And they are very good toys. And they have apples with caramel, but I don't like those.
Me: Well, thanks. I'll think about this.

Thanks again, Yummy Mummy. And, of course I read all about your Australia trip, and the rest of your site.


The Yummy Mummy said...


You didn't sound like you were riding the "high horse" at all. On the contrary, I get that you have a really healthy, balanced approach to food and you know, I think it's okay to be relaxed about some things and a little more rigid about others.

I'm that way about box mac and cheese. I just don't want the stuff in my house, although I'm perfectly fine with them eating it at a friend's house.

I just don't want them to see me serve it to them. I don't want them to think that's how it's supposed to come out of the kitchen. I's a little nutty. I'm actually writing a column for on my mac and cheese nuttiness.

It gives me a chuckle to think of this little girl trying to help her "poor, deprived friend". I'm sure she thought he was seriously deprived. So funny...

xo Kim

rita said...

Hi Kim:

I love that picture!!

I think it's fantastic that you're intoducing good and nourishing food to your kids in the land of hotdogs, chicken nuggets and pizza. Keep up the good work.

As you know my grandmother brought me up and we ate everything from homemade pickled herring to red cabbage and all kinds of veggies from her "victory garden. Often we'd have liver and a few times even tongue. (she told us it was a delicacy). Consequently to this day, I'll try anything as long as it's well prepared.

Regarding your writing...I still remember when you and I collaborated on an essay for your speech class in highschool. The assignment was meant to be humerous. Remember ?? You wrote about the trials of raising your own pasta, fields of lasagna and spaghetti and the tedious job of scraping it off your house after a storm.

Anyway, I'm thinking about coming down there to spend a few months with you and we can collaborate on a book this time. ha ha - don't get nervous -just kidding.


Izzy's Mama said...

YM#1: That picture reminds me of my teaching days - if that is your nirvana you would love second grade!

YM#2 Your post reminds me of my teaching days too. When I taught at the Lycee Francais (French School in NYC), my second graders would debate the merits of McDonald's and it was refreshing to discover that some of them were vehemently opposed to eating there and knew that it was unhealthy. Children absorb our messages about food so lets keep on raising our lobster loving, octopus eating kids!

ntsc said...

There is a film short in existance about the pasta harvest. Including picking it off the pasta trees.

I saw it on either Jack Parr or Johnny Carson many years ago.

Both hot dogs and pizza can be quite good and nourishing. YM #1 has a on home made hot dogs and I've one on home made pizza. Chicken nuggets I don't think so, though when forced into McDs it is my food of choice.

The Yummy Mummy said...

Rita -

Okay, what a blast from the past!!!!...I remember us collaborating on different ideas for speeches in that class, but the specific topic has totally escaped me. That is know, I wish I had kept some of those speeches. I remember the one I did for the end of the year banquet - which also was humourous - went over really well. I'm sure if I read it now, I'd cringe and be mortified.

What else do you remember from this story? It sounds so funny...

Anyway, thanks for commenting here. It is always a joy to hear from you.

xxoo Kim



Jack Parr? Boy, are you dating yourself? What are you, like 85?...

You're not, right?

Okay, in August I want to create some kind of cooking event with you. We need to make something fun together...with my kids. Are you up for a little mayhem in the kitchen? We can shoot it and both blog about it?

What do ya say? Are ya feelin' lucky?

xxoo Kim

ntsc said...

I'm not 85 but am old enough to by Lucy's grandfather.

Right now we are in the middle of the kitchen project that ate Manhattan and it hasn't stopped growing yet.

However the idea is interesting.