Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Don't Want to Talk About Sarah Palin But...

I'm not a political blogger, so I shouldn't be blogging about the convention unless of course I'm blogging about the food at the convention, which I'm not, but I wanted to say a few things about Governor Palin (for those readers abroad who could give a damn about our vice-presidential nominees, I'll be brief)

Firstly, I have no idea if she would be a good leader, VP, "hockey mom" or anything else, but I was in my husband's truck this morning and I turned on talk radio and they were chatting about Palin's speech.

And the comments were strong, man. It was like she had whipped down the pants of the democrats at recess or something.

People were calling in all hot and bothered and I'm listening to the host talking to the listeners in that calm, slow, depressed talk radio voice that's the same voice they use in insane asylums when the shrinks talk to psychotic people who might, at any moment, hurl feces at the wall.

And I'm about to doze off behind the wheel when some lady named "Doris from the Bronx" said Palin was "pathetic" and even though she can't hear me now, and has no idea that I think she is a moron and she sounded like she had a pack a day habit and a rabbit stuck in her throat, I still feel compelled to explain something to Doris of the Bronx.

So, here it is:

Dear Doris of the Bronx:

1. Palin's not pathetic. She's a mom of 5, she has imperfect children, a huge and unwieldy professional life, crappy relatives and a husband who smells like fish most of the time. She's been less than ethical a few times in her life. She probably learned that at "Mommy and Me", not the state legislature. She's a mess. Much like me. And a million and a half other women out there. Only she has better hair, a hotter body and a cooler job. That's not pathetic. That's worthy of a medal. Someone give this woman a foot rub and a cocktail.

2. She can still be considered a "feminist" or an "advocate for women" even though she's pro-life. I'm a choice girl, myself but just because I disagree with the platform doesn't mean I think she's anti-women.

3. Doris, darling, you need to put on some clean clothes, throw away those menthols, take the curlers out of your hair and hang up the phone. Quick! "Days of Our Lives" is about to start.

The Yummy Mummy

And to you talk radio hosts...Have a cup of coffee, for heaven's sake.

Food tomorrow. I promise.

xxoo YM



SaintTigerlily said...

I am just so fatigued with all the coverage right now. At what point did it become law that you have to be perfect to hold public office - and, more importantly - who is going to tell the rest of the politicians?

Makes you wonder what the gentlemen of old were up to with no media to follow them around. They must have made out like bandits. Or like, made out WITH bandits. I mean - they could have done anything!

I go back to sleep now.


Rebecca (Foodie With Family) said...

Ah hahahahahahahah.

That was good and funny. Thank you for the perspective.

And for cryin' in a bucket, politics has always been a blood sport. You need a spine and a thick skin and I can't think of any better training than raising a pile of kids. (Speaking personally as a mom-of-five-all-under-age-10.) Not that I'd want the public gynecological exam that comes with being in politics!

Krysta said...

i don't know if you watched the daily show last night but jon made some good points about palin in the last 10 minutes when he was interviewing newt. i know her life is messy... ours are all messy... so i don't judge there but i hate that i'm suppose to relate to her as an average hockey mom... i'm not defined by that and neither is she.

rebecca...Not that I'd want the public gynecological exam that comes with being in politics!

that was the funniest thing i have read about this whole thing!

and i still miss tim russert...

Aka...Jon & Lisa said...
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Aka...Jon and Lisa said...

Amen Sister!

Anonymous said...

I'm in Toronto, so what do I know, but, wow! you're tough on Doris.


Anonymous said...

You make a great point that I agree with but being able to realte to her and admiring her on some levels-- still doesn't mean she is qualified. And heck I agree that all families have ups and downs but she had two pretty significantly stressful events occur in the past four months (giving birth to a special needs child----heck giving birth to any child is stressful and learning her daughter was pregnant). It is hard for me to fathom a Father or a mother in that position deciding to take on an extremely stressful new job that will take them away from home a great deal of time at this particular point in their lives.(I questioned John Edward decison to run after learning his wife had a cancer recourrence considering the age of their children so as I siaid it is not a women thing). I know Palin is tough and strong and all that but it is a bit over the top and it does make me question the types of decision she makes. Nayway, back to food--I never post but I love you blog and recipes (and perspective)!

I also predict that Levi is going to end up in some hunky nude fishermen of ALaska calendar some day.

The Yummy Mummy said...

Anonymous 2 - You're comment is right on track - so thoughtful. And the part about John Edwards is a great point. I hadn't even thought about that, but I hope she really considered how this decision would impact her child who will go through this pregnancy in the spotlight. A great point.

More importantly, what is this about a hunky nude Alaskan fisherman calendar? Obviously I have been missing something truly important.

Convention be damned! Tell me about the nudey calendar! This is where being bi-partisan really comes in handy.

Thanks for reading and saying nice things and for posting. Hope to hear from you regularly!


PS To the rest of you - I love all of you opinionated bitches.

The Yummy Mummy said...

MD -

Doris had it comin'...


Krysta said...

anonymous #2... my 16 year old daughter was just discussing this with me... she was really angry that palin would do this as a mom. i mean seriously angry! that she would be so selfish. my kids said she thought it was a serious responisblity to be a mom and that sometimes especially with everything that was going on right now to put your kids in the spotlight was a serious miscalculation on her part. why would she put her own ambition before her family that obviously needs her? i didn't know it was one of the few times i didn't have something to say.

Christine said...

How, I just wrote you the longest comment ever, but it was long enough that I figured I would just blog it instead. I love you to bits, but man, I totally get why Doris was so angry.

lorelei said...

The more I read you the more I like you. I'm as left as they come but the double standard really pisses me off. Not sure it pisses me off enough to vote for McCain/Palin but enough to get me yelling at the t.v. (and talk radio).


phillygirl64 said...

Before all the stupid stuff came pouring out, I knew I wasn't going to vote for this woman because of her stands on issues.

And I am insulted by the idea that I would vote Republican just because there's a woman on their ticket-my hoo-ha doesn't reach the levers thank you very much!

The Yummy Mummy said...

Philly Girl -

I get it. It was clearly a tactic, that's for sure. But I didn't feel terribly upset about it. I guess I feel that tactics are just part of this stage of the election. I just roll my eyes and wash the carrots off the walls. But I do appreciate how passionately you feel about it.

But I have to tell ya, my hoo-ha totally can reach the voting levers...but my genitalia is special that way.

Thanks for chiming in!