Saturday, October 18, 2008

Without a Babysitter...

My children made books. Out of my maxi pads.

Maxi pads that had been shamelessly stolen out of my super-private Mommy cupboard, (as if I had something "super-private"), when I turned my back to do something. For like a minute. And it wasn't like I was doing something like getting a quick pedicure and they made maxi pad books. No. I, like, peed. Or drank water to soothe my parched throat. Or gave myself a crumb of sustenance while standing at the refrigerator.

I must learn to pee faster.

And my children wrote stories in these maxi pad books.

About a spaghetti-eating ladybug and a long satin purple ribbon and a dragon named "Phil" with fiery bad breath.

And Lucy wrote her name. A lot. On the maxi pad book and in different color markers.

This seemed completely normal to me.

Although yesterday I walked around with a flour hand print on my butt all day long. Take that into consideration when thinking about "normal".

And we were very proud of the maxi pad books. I should home-school, don't you think?

The new Spanish-speaking, cat-loving babysitter better get here soon. Before I let them make tiny parachutes out of my tampons for Sky Diving Barbie.

I might do that. I'm just sayin'.

xxoo YM



ntsc said...

Whose hand print?

melissa said...

Storybook maxipads eh? I had almosy forgotten about this, but you should read this story:

I laaaaaaughed and laaaaaaughed.

Picture of Lucy and Edie = mini David-mini you.

Krysta said...

yes, read that story noble pig wrote... you'll love it. what's with kids and feminine products?

Mary said...

We found a box of 'bandages' in the super private mommy cupboard circa 1976 so these things could have doubled for gymnastic mats! However, at ages 3 and 4, skiing/sliding races down our very long hallway with them stuck to the bottom of our feet seemed like a very good idea. Well, at least until Mum came home.

James Armes said...

Ummmm I kind of did the same types of things with my mom's maxi pads when I was 5 or 6. I have to admit it was kind of fun then. Also seemed like a good idea, until mom found out and was livid.