Friday, November 7, 2008

Madison, Max & Renesmee

I suspect you will have no idea what the hell I'm talking about unless you've read "Breaking Dawn" in the Twilight series, so I say this to my readers who've read the books:

Renesmee is a ridiculous name.

I needed to get that off my chest, because I read that just added Renesmee to their list of baby names and I am freaked out that tomorrow I'm going to go to the playground and I'll hear some woman screaming to her kid, "Renesmee, please leave the organic, sugar-free, whole wheat, gluten-free cheerios in the Bugaboo and go play with Satchel, Rumor and Apple."

I will mock these people when I find them.

xo YM



SaintTigerlily said...

Absurd. ABSURD. If she wasn't so adorable in my imagination I would hate her.

And Nessie? NESSIE?

Is that really an improvement?

Rita said...

Too funny Kim! Rumor is Demi Moore's kid, Apple belongs to What's her name who played in Shakespeare in Love, but who in the name of God is Satchel?? Rita

xoch said...

Satchel is Woody Allen's kid. And Spike Lee's little girl too. Yeah, I read People too. I was at my dentist's I swear. (riiight)

So Kim, what are your thoughts on Breaking Dawn? I hated that name, too. It just sounds so trashy /trendy! More trashy than trendy IMHO, but oh well.

The Mulligan Family said...

Oh! I so TOTALLY agree that Renessme is a ridiculous name. I really HATED it when I read the books... and I'm not diggin' Nessie either! I cannot believe that the name has been added to Good Lord!

Smashley said...

All I could think about this name is "So you want to draw more attention to your weirdo child...go right ahead then."

I don' totally dislike the name, I guess it flows well enough, but I am not a fan of made up names either. I am a huge fan of the classics, lol. I have what was once considered a boy name though, so what can I say...

Nessie was a funny nickname though.

Anonymous said...

I just finished 'New Moon' so don't give anything away!!!!!

ntsc said...

What is really strange is when you have one of those very uncommon names and you end up working closely with somebody else with the same name. At least he had the Germanic spelling not the English one that I do.

And my secret word must refer to our hostess - 'dish'

bacioni said...

That name is ridiculous. should know better.
SM should have known better, because you KNOW there will be little Renesmees running around pretending they can't hear when their lame-brained parents call out for them.
GAH! Of all the names to come up with!

Anonymous said...

my poor unborn child (no, Kim..I'm not pregnant..just assuming someday I will be..although we did have bit of scare last week). Simon is making some name rules already..must have 3 you know how difficult that is? I'm sure he's joking but I've been trying to come up with some. I have some decent ones...I will share if everyone promises not to steal them! Boy: Ferguson (my favorite...funny how we want to name our first born son after one of our favorite offal chefs Fegus Henderson). Augustine is the other one. Of course we will use family names for middle names..McDermott and Karam.

my poor unborn children.

Anonymous said...

What the hell am I supposed to do now...the books are done and I'm DEPRESSED! I can't actually believe I feel like this. Like my friends moved away and have stopped emailing me or sending me texts....Simon thinks I'm hilarious...but seriously..I am stuck out here in the desert and the books were a wonderful distraction. I need to find another obsession...Suggestions?