Friday, February 6, 2009

Thank You.

Really, thank you.

I am, like, the luckiest blogger on the plant. I was really freaking out when I posted the chapter this week, but who could have known that what would follow would be so extraordinary.

Okay, okay David was right. Damn the Australian and all his infuriating wisdom.

First, know that I appreciate the support. The kind words about my writing and also, the "You go, girl!" pats on the back have really inspired me to finish this beast and get it out there.

Second, so many of your comments were right on. It is true that I have a real penchant for being long-winded and over-describing when it isn't necessary. You guys caught it and called me on it. I needed that reminder. That will make this a better book.

Third, how incredible it was to find out that you all know me so well. You all knew my voice and when I wasn't being true to it. Funny, because we wouldn't even recognize each other if I ran over your foot with my trolley in the supermarket. And I could have. I do that to people all the time.

Fourth, there were a bunch of you who didn't leave a comment but you e-mailed me instead and when you e-mailed, you wrote long, detailed notes about what worked and what didn't. I know that those of you who did that actually spent an hour or two writing this thoughtful analysis. Those notes have really informed my thought process about the book and the detail you provided has helped me really focus on problem areas and improve the chapter. That you did that, all with a spirit of complete generosity, expecting little in return, was a gift to me. You've taught me something about generosity.

Fifth, I am going to have the longest acknowledgments page in the history of publishing.

Sixth and finally, I don't know if you were just being nice or if you really want to see the 2nd chapter but after I finish up the changes to chapter 1, I'll be happy to post it along with chapter 2 for anyone who wants to read it.

So, to fully thank you for your presence in my life...Lucy and Edie made you a picture.

It's me in a jungle, waving and saying "thank you". And there's snow in the jungle because, well, I don't know why...

And the tree you see is a tampon that they colored green with magic marker and taped onto the paper.

And this is how we roll when we thank people. We break out the feminine products.

xxoo YM



Cali said...

lmfao! that is the best thank you picture EVER!

Krysta said...

yesterday, i had to explain to my youngest sous chef what feminine products she will be using when she gets her dreaded period and which one does she use when. needless to say the boys were not thrilled with that convo.

i can't wait to read chapter 2, david is right and you are very brave for doing this!

ntsc said...

Good first chapter.

Why would you find it strange that I once had long hair?

I went to college in the 60s and my youth was quite mis-spent, although being married to a topless dancer is not all it is cracked up to be.