Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tom Colicchio Talks About His Own Picky Eater

Looks like you're not alone. Even Tom has a hard time getting his kid to eat broccoli.

Check out the whole interview here.

xo YM

Note: Saint Tigerlily just mentioned in comments that Colicchio will be sitting on a panel with Jessica Seinfeld in Florida. I think Tigerlily was secretly questioning Jessica's credentials. Okay, not so secretly. But you judge for yourself. And then, she asked me what we parents think of Jessica's book and, in general, what we think about hiding pureed vegetables in our kid's food. I don't know about you, but I ranted about it here in 2007 when the book came out. Be prepared - I was mean. And kind of crazed.



SaintTigerlily said...

Interesting article. What do you think about the fact that Jessica Seinfeld is on that panel? At the risk of being yelled at, because, I know: Me = not a mom yet, but...still. I thought her book was a little weird. Grant you, I still bought it for my stepmother, as my half sisters (aged 8,7 and 5) subsist almost entirely on pasta and sugar and by god those kids need NUTRIENTS. I still think it's a little strange to sneak spinach into chicken nuggets. Yeah, the kids are eating healthy, which, of course, is very important. But they aren't becoming "good eaters". They are just learning that they like chicken nuggets. Am I being insensitive to the plight of Mothers Everywhere?

Anonymous said...

Somehow the idea of Jessica frickin' Seinfeld on the same panel, or really even in the same league as Colicchio is utterly ridiculous.

Kim, for what's it's worth, I still recall with enormous fondness your very snarky and entirely mean post about her stupid book. I think it made me realize how much I needed to follow your blog.

Tigerlily, you're right. They're not becoming good eaters. That's the whole idea. Jessica frickin' Seinfeld isn't teaching her kids anything except that being deceitful is perfectly all right.

*deep breath*

Ok, I'll stop now

famdoz said...

I agree with you guys up to a point. I dont live in the States so have no idea who Jessica Seinfeld is, but I think she has a point when she says that there is a time when all kids want to eat is crap so adding vegetables to certain recipes doesn't seem shocking to me. This is something I've always had a tendency to do in my cooking, a legacy from my mum who is a veggie-at-every-meal kinda gal, absolutely not in the name of deception, but for the taste and the vitamins. Where I agree with you is that there needs to be education on the part of the parents to show the vegetables in their "real" state to their child, experimentation (and endless rejection) is the only way forward! Lucky for me, my little boy is still at the stage where he happily munches on everything from artichokes to zucchini... testing times to come, no doubt ; )

ntsc said...

There is also the fact the Seinfeld and I think her publisher are being sued for plagerism.

Except for liver we never did have food problems with our son. I'm far more finicky. For years I wouldn't eat pasta and still detest most cooked tomatoes or cooked cheese.

My wife has pointed out that since I like pizza this is not consistant.