Monday, March 2, 2009

On this Snowy Monday Morning, I Give You...

Tampon & Overnight Maxi Pad Art.

An installation done in multi-media. Please note the artist's (Lucy) attention to detail. The use of multiple shades of glitter, several sparkly balls, the egregious over-use of sticky tape, probably illustrating society's consumptive state, a drawing in crayon, the mashing together of different elements, symbolizing the decay and ultimate fall of the US banking system and for the final touch, the bulb of a tampon, hanging just precariously off the edge of the canvas and pointing toward hell, where the artist, quite obviously, suspects we are going.

But since she uses a pink bulb, and the artist is well into her much lauded "pink period", critics suspect she believes hell isn't all that bad. Perhaps, Hello Kitty lives there.

When asked what she is calling this new piece, the artist replied, "Bell", and then went back to sipping her latte and reading "The Huffington Post".

You can see the artist's installation currently on exhibit, where it is hanging from a shelf in our living room. We have been under strict instructions not to remove it. So, we haven't. Because we are serious patrons of the arts.

xxoo YM

Just a note: I had nothing to do with this. Every time I have my period, there is a storming of the feminine products and children are breaking open tampons and pads like they are boxes of candy and making projects out of them. Frankly, I can't think of a better use for the things.



CityStreams said...

Too funny! The art itself would be okay but the commentary made me giggle. Love it! Adding you to my google reader. See ya on Twitter, too.

Krysta said...

it could be worth millions!!!

auntjone said...

What's your budget for tampons and pads? Seems like your pre-K imps use more than you do! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Life is easier for me w/out those uncomfortable days anymore, but at least your girls celebrate menses with gorgeous art!