Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We Are Home

I thought I'd be thrilled to be home, among familiar things, the cats, my own blankets, my own kitchen things. But I went out to move the jeep this morning and found we got a ticket for parking in a space we and everyone in our building has parked in for the last 3 years.

And I remember that New York is hard.

And that makes me long for palms and white beaches and naked sandy children and a sky that is low and blue and endless. No cares, just which bathing suit we want to wear, if any, and what freshly grown produce we will whip up into a simple, satisfying lunch, with our bare feet still sandy and our head still immersed in how many shells we collected that day.

And no alternate side of the street parking because everyone has a freakin' garage.

Lucy feels the same way. I asked her last night if she was glad to be home, because I thought she would be, since they tore into their toys as if they were brand new. But she didn't hesitate, "I wish I were back in Noosa in the pool." And little girl, I get it.

Maybe I'll feel differently tomorrow, after when we put away our swimsuits and bundle ourselves in downy jackets. When we reclaim our New York selves. Maybe I'll cook something to make us feel at home again, something warm and comforting for Winter, but with a nod to Spring, something with the promise of warmth and sun and renewal.

But for right now, our bodies may be here, but our hearts are back in the sub-tropics. Give me a day or two and I'll be back to my old self...

xo YM



blissmamaof3 said...

Coming home is hard. There is no way around that. I emailed you about our adoption story. Please let me know if there's any other info you'd like. Welcome back!

Warner (aka ntsc) said...

However from my point of view it is better for you to be here than there.

Glad you had a good time, it certainly beat this neck of the woods for where to be last week.

The Yummy Mummy said...

Bliss mama - Got your e-mail. OMG! Thank you for sharing that incredible, uplifting story with me. It helps and I appreciate it so. Will e-mail you when I am coherent.

Warner - Hearing from you is like getting a big blast of sunshine in my window. You are one of the things I love about NY and my internet life...and that your avatar picture is meat. ha!

Rita said...

It's the jet lag...you're not in a New York State of mind yet, but you will be. xxRita

The Mulligan Family said...

The worst part of vacation is coming home. Yes, it's good to be in surroundings familiar... but the ease and beauty of languishing vacation days beckon and make you wish they would never end.

Welcome home. Cheers, Cindy