Sunday, March 28, 2010

Writing. Swinging.

Hi everyone, I'm in the last throws of writing a book proposal, so this week might be a bit spotty. A girl only has so many hours to get these things done. And this proposal needs to be out in the world soon. Lest it drive me completely batty.

Until my next post, which will be sometime in the next couple of days, I leave you with this story - about a girl who does not like to swing, never likes a city playground swing, never wants to whiz through the air or be pushed higher, higher, who goes to the country and finds herself on a tire swing her Daddy made for her, just rope and rubber, and takes off. In the wind.

And learns to love to fly, for the first time in her life.

xo YM



cliffmama said...

So adorable! Such joy on her face. Precious.

michelle (What's Cooking) said...

What great photos!
And congrats to you! Sending you good wishes :-) (and also feeling your anxiety - an editorial team at a publisher is reviewing my proposal today!)

Cali said...

i love this! it's amazing how much joy they find in something so simple :)

Cheryl Arkison said...

Oh, those photos!
Good luck with the proposal. Sounds familiar...

The Yummy Mummy said...

Michelle -

Thanks for the support! I'm killing myself trying to get this done. My husband has been so wonderful, taking the kids weekends, waking me up at 5 in the morning and pushing me out of bed. I couldn't have finished it without him. I'm ready to wrap up the writing in a week or so.

...and wishing you good luck, as well. Can't wait to hear all about your idea. Let me know what happens when you hear!


Warner (aka ntsc) said...

Obviously the difference is that Daddy made this swing. That puts it in a whole different world.

On your book proposal, as theater people say Merde. Odds are if it is writing anything like your blog, I'm interested.

Well I'm grilling outside tonight, misread the wife's menu and didn't get out the left over short ribs, but the uncooked ones.

The Yummy Mummy said...

Dear Warner,

God, I just love you.

I really needed that nice comment about my writing. These last few days I have been filled with all kinds of self-doubt, which is exactly the kind of trick your mind pulls when you are just at the end of a project and about to send it out into the world.

Thanks for reminding me I have a supporter or two. I needed that.


PS: You might be better off if you pay closer attention to what the missus is sayin'. Just a tip... :)

Warner (aka ntsc) said...

On Wednesday the missus said get your butt in the car we are going into the Doctor. I got.

It wasn't a heart attack, stress rather and blood pressure is way up, so neither of us was paying much attention to what I got out after we got back. She watched me get the short ribs out.

She found a small box in Tiffany Blue on her desk yesterday afternoon. I think she liked it because she was wearing it last night.

Jack said...

Loved the pix. I should build a tire swing for my kids. They'd love it.