Monday, April 19, 2010

Flour. Lots & Lots of Flour.

I know. I know. You must be thinking when will this chick finish her book proposal? Where are the recipes? What is she thinking? Has she forgotten us, in our kitchens, longing for something to make for dinner tonight?

Oh well, I'm sure other people have that covered for you...

But I'm happy to report the proposal is nearly finished. I have a bit more to do on the sample chapters and then, an overall tweaking with David as my editor, but I do see the proverbial light and thank you for hanging in with me.

I have a great recipe for a Thai-inspired seafood curry that I whipped up this weekend, but I won't get it to you for a few days, I'm afraid. Until then, I want you to take a look at these articles, just for something to chaw on.

The first is a New York Times magazine piece by Peggy Orenstein called The Fat Trap, which does a smart job of talking about the importance of moderation in our body mass index-obsessed culture. Moderation, not fanaticism as a food culture and ethic, wow, brilliant.

Then, go here to read Foodie Angst: Are My Children Food neurotics? about foodies making their kids nuts over food. You'll be puzzled and shake your head a lot, I promise. You'll also be quite happy that's not you.

And then, when you are done reading, you can check out the photos of Lucy and Edie playing in flour this weekend. They've been chomping at the bit to get at my flour pot, always sticking their hands in when I'm not looking, and this time, I didn't want to stop them. I just wanted them to have fun, remember that food is fun, real, accessible, tangible, imperfect, messy, simple, that it can be many things to many people, that it can be many things to them.

xo YM

PS: If you are one of the two people out there who hasn't seen Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, do it. Then, go to his site and sign the petition to get better food for our kids in schools.



Kate said...

That first picture of your girls, hair so wild and wavy, just takes my breath away. They are so beautiful, both in such simple and perfect ways. And I love how you just let them get in with their hands, for anything. Although that shot with David in the background makes me wonder if he finds your adventures a bit taxing.

Cheryl Arkison said...

It makes me so happy everytime I see those girls sitting (and standing) on the counter.
And hear, hear for letting kids get messy in the kitchen, just for fun.

thenextmartha said...

You win for patient parent of the year.

Christine said...

Your kids are seriously just gorgeous. Love the shot with David in the background. Rowr.

Good luck finishing up the proposal!

The Little Foodie said...

Yes. Love that hair. My daughter always wants to get in the flour bin (and sometimes does) and I do not have the humor for it. Now I'm seeing the appeal.

Anne said...

Someday I hope my kids can have this much fun in the kitchen :) and I hope I can photograph it, too! Well done--just love it!