Thursday, March 17, 2011

The New York Times & A Sweater

Just a quick word today...

Wanted to let you know Charcutepalooza was mentioned in the New York Times Diners Journal yesterday, as part of the DIY Cooking Bibliography, a companion to Julia Moskin's DIY Cooking Handbook. Kinda fun.

Also, thanks to the readers who noticed in my last post that David wears the same ugly sweater every time he gardens. It's his "New Paltz Gardening Sweater". It's orange. It's a staple. The fact that you noticed it allowed me to harass him about it for several hours last night. Thank you for that. That felt good.

xo YM



Paula said...

Congratulations on the NYT article! Poor David, I'm sure he loves his *gardening sweater*

S. said...

This project should get recognition. Not only have you inspired hundreds of bloggers and cooks to step outside of their comfort zones but, in cases like mine, I have now spread this on to friends and coworkers who are now experimenting on their own at home. The food revolution will not be televised, it will be salted, cured and smoked.