Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why I Have Grey Hair...

This is my daughter eating something she made herself...a butter popsicle.

This is my daughter, naked, and sitting in a bowl of water. Just because.

And this is my daughter eating tuna out of the can. With the cat.

Crazy girl. I love her.

xo Kim



Auburn Meadow Farm said...

Too funny!

Your daughters are both really beautiful. I hope that butter was from grass fed cows, lol.

Krista said...

Adorable! The gray hairs are totally worth it!

Mommy Lisa said...

Good for you to give her the freedom to explore - and be a kid.

The Yummy Mummy said...

You know, in the second picture - the one with her sitting in the bowl - in the background there are empty wine bottles. She was making a sculpture out of them.

Which is fine except she found so many empty wine bottles, I'm pretty sure it confirms my worst fears about our sobriety.

Sigh. Freedom to explore. :)

Christine said...

Kim, it doesn't look like she found too many wine bottles. If it makes you feel better, our recycling often looks much more, eh festive what with my wine bottles, the husband's occasional scotch bottle, and the beer bottles of our guests. I'm not quite sure why she's giving her self a sitz bath, but hey, whatever works. Hemorrhoids are the pits.

Love the picture of her sharing tuna with the cat! My favorite of the bunch.

Janis said...

My god she is adorable. I would give anything to have mine little again.

Paula said...

The butter popsicle would gross me out but hey, to each his/her own. Sitting in the bowl of water is priceless. Cute that she *dressed* for dinner with the cat.

Jon in Albany said...

You are not alone on the self medication - I'm always a little surprised at how quickly a bottle of Scotch ends up in the recycling bin.

The Yummy Mummy said...

Jon in Albany -

Thank you for saying that. I feel a post about booze coming on... :)


Nmaja said...

I love her confidence. She seems so sure of what she wants. Worth a few grey hairs?

The Yummy Mummy said...

Nmaja -

I love that you said that. It's true. Lucy has always been opinionated and sure of what and who she likes and dislikes. She was very clear, for instance, even as a newborn that she never wanted to breastfeed. And she never did, despite all our efforts. The lactation consultant said she was "opinionated". Boy, was she right.

Lucy was an easy baby because she was always clear about what she wanted. She schooled us on babies. Smiles and giggles for approval, all out tantrums for things she hated. There was never a question what she needed. She was a baby that came with a manual. We just went with her instruction.

Thanks for saying that. I'm so glad that resolute, confident spirit is shining through. That is just who she is.


Meal Makeover Mom Janice said...

Love the butter popsicle! A dietitian's nightmare for sure... Sharing a can of tune with the cat is priceless. We all need our omega-3 fats!

Miss Rosie said...

That is too funny. WHere can I get a kid who does stuff like that and not just want to pinch me on the butt with kitchen tongs.