Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Dear Husband Has Lost His Sweet, Low Carb-Obsessed Mind

A large box came in the mail yesterday. Fedex. Turns out my husband ordered 10 packages of whole wheat, low carb, low fat tortillas. From Santa Freakin' Rosa, California.

That's right. David had 100 tortillas shipped 2 day express mail across the country from La Tortilla Factory because he couldn't find a low carb, low fat tortilla anywhere in New York City. Okay people, it's not like we live in the rainforest and have to eat bug larvae for dinner. Is he saying there isn't a single whole wheat, low carb, low fat tortilla anywhere in this city?

The tortillas cost $31.34. The shipping cost $39.06.

It's a good thing my husband rocks. Otherwise he and his $70 box of tortillas would be sleeping on the couch.

xxoo YM

PS Just to be completely fair - David swears he never meant to ship the tortillas express mail. Like he had a tremor or something and hit the button by mistake. It happens. I guess.



Shannon said...

Oh my. You guys have tortillas coming out the wazoo!

We have low carb low fat whole wheat tortillas up here in Bumblefuk, NH.

Next time, husband should send an SOS out to your readers. We'll do a better job of supplying him with what he needs without the shipping costing more than the product!

Anonymous said...

This isn't actually a comment on your post, but I need to post this someplace.

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You are one of the people I am passing the award on to.

Christine said...

Yipes! That's a whole lotta tortillas.

And ah, those mysterious ordering seizures.

Jo said...

...and from the sound of them they will probably taste like sh..... oops did I say that?

krysta said...

WTF?! again *le sigh! There is no such thing as low fat tortillas. Tortillas are made from lard! What in the world are you going to do with all those tortillas and if you say "David's going to make tofu burritos." I'm coming to New York to hold an intervention.

Anonymous said...

Exucse my french but those are going to be some nasty ass tortillas. I mean The point of a tortilla is a edible utensil, he could just omit tortillas because i bet you a plastic fork would taste just as good as those tortillas.

Sous Chef Numero Uno

Anonymous said...


ib said...

Hahah Kraft mac n' cheese ewww I think not. Thats the equivelant to eating those tortillas.

I may be lazy on your the chef night but i wouldn't make mac' to eat for myself.

I wish we had a wok.

I could so have a blog all about ECM but you would use it to blackmail her according to her...?

Izzy's Mama said...

Perhaps they freeze well? I see muchas mexican food in your future...

My husband "forgets' to eat.. We all have our problems!

kitchenmage said...

You can freeze them. Although that may involve him buying a freezer, and having it shipped...?