Monday, April 1, 2013

Hi everyone - 

I'm pretty thrilled to tell you that I am blogging again. Thanks for waiting me out while I did some non-blogging writing. I needed the time. And I needed the time to freshen up, get inspired, re-connect to the reason I wanted to write here at all. Also, thanks for your emails and comments asking where the hell I went and what the hell was wrong with me. It was nice to be considered. 

So, please join me at It's more writing, less food, but it's where I am right now. 

xo Kim



Anonymous said...

Previous anon commenter again, trying to figure out why it won't let me actually affix my identity to these comments...

Anonymous said...

I just watched the episode where you test drove some cars. VERY disappointed to see you didn't bother to drive even one vehicle made by a U.S. manufacturer. Was there a reason for this such as a sponsor, or was it just a gross oversite on your part? Your show airs in the United States, you should try showing things made in this country.

Cams said...

I am going to be checking out your previous comments after looking through your newer blog. I like your writing style, you are vividly descriptive and I am a big fan of your perspective already. Thank you so much for returning to your writing..

Anonymous said...

I liked your blog, pl start again

hailey said...

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