Thursday, October 4, 2007

Chives Up The Babies' Nose

I found a chive stuck up Edie’s nose this morning.

Well, actually Lucy found it first. I was oblivious, running around getting them ready to go to the playground. Busy packing extra underpants and bottles of water and filling Tupperware containers with tasty and healthy snacks.

Packing in the morning is a bit like packing to climb Everest. You have to have everything you need and some reserves in case you get stuck at Camp 4 in a blizzard. If you get to the playground and you forgot the pee bowl (so your potty training 2 year old can pee even if there aren't proper bathrooms) or you run out of wipes and someone poops or someone gets hungry and you have nothing but a half eaten stalk of celery left...well, it can all go downhill pretty fast. You may as well be stranded in a broken tent under ten feet of drift with nary a freeze dried packet of food because both are equally bleak.

I do everything I can to avoid these unfortunate incidents and this morning, I was focused. In the zone as they say, packing and unpacking and making mental lists in my head.

That's when Lucy ran up to me and broke my semi-meditational state, “Look! Look! A green thing in Edie’s nose!”

I was imagining buggers (or a grasshopper or a piece of cactus) but there it was, a long slender reed of chive hanging half in and out of her left nostril. She barely recognized its existence. Lucy on the other hand, was a bit freaked out by the whole thing. I knew where it had come from…Edie had been munching on leftover morsels of buttery fish smattered with bits of chive all morning. One freakishly long one must have gotten away.

I held Edie in place with one hand and pulled the little sucker out with the other, while Lucy watched, both excited and mortified, over my shoulder. This scene then prompted a lengthy discussion of chives and noses and how the two things do not go together, unless you are smelling a chive, which is completely different altogether.

And yes, we did make it to, I mean the playground.

xxxooo Kim



AnnieKNodes said...

The first time I took Walt on an outing he spit up all over himself, peed while I was changing him and screamed for more food after my boobs dried up. I had no change of clothes, no wipes and no back-up bottle. I did, however, pack my makeup bag.
He was miserable, but at least my lips were freshly glossed.

Kim Foster said...

Hey Anne - I'm so envious! My make-up kit is at the bottom of the toy drawer full of Crayola markers and Crayons. Haven't seen it in 2 1/2 years.

Not that it matters. Last week, I actually went grocery shopping and it wasn't until I was in the baked goods section that I realized my pants were on inside out.

Really, no amount of lip gloss is gonna fix that.

And thanks for the big send up on your blog! You are the best!