Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Conversation with Lucy about our Family

Lucy: Edie and I are princesses.

Kim: Wow! Princesses…If you two are princesses, who is Daddy?

Lucy: Daddy is the King.

Kim: Excellent. Who is the Queen? (I say this fully expecting she will say me, but of course, she doesn’t)

Lucy: Susanna is the Queen. (Susanna is our blonde, gorgeous, 25 year old Finnish babysitter…how is that for a middle-aged woman's nightmare?)

Kim: Really, then who is Mommy? (Okay, she has my attention…)

Lucy: Mommy is the Cook. (And she smiles when she says it and I know her like I know my own heart and I can tell - gratefully, before I had to fire the babysitter- that a “Cook” trumps a “Queen” any day)

And I’m content with that.

xxxooo Kim



Lara Jean Goodman said...

My paper is FINISHED and I finally have a little spare brain power to leave a heartfelt comment on your blog. I admire your writing are hilarious! and I read stories of Lucy and Edie with the same giddy pride that I report stories of Ruby.
(BTW Ruby just scurried from the bathroom with a tampon in her hand, sat down at her art table and glued in down in the middle of this morning's collage--the thing is surrounded by pom-poms, glitter and buttons. It's a real keeper! I'm pulling this out at her sweet sixteen.)
Oh, and I'm still in my PJs in case that is of interest. ;)

Kim Foster said...

What is the whole tampon fascination? Edie carries mine around like a popsicle.

Lucy asked me what it was the other day and found myself knee-deep in a discussion of menstruation with a two year old.

After I was done, she said, "Can I watch Dora?"