Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm Only Going to Blog About "Food & Kids" This Year...Really

No more adorable pictures of my beautiful children,
unless they are eating something or stirring something in a bowl

This year, I'm going to limit my non-food postings about the kids to just ONCE a week. Really, I am. Or only when something really fun and extraordinary pops up.

Why? Because there are folks who read this blog who don't have kids (or maybe they just have really clean kids) and frankly, they are probably less than thrilled with coming here, maybe looking for a good braised short ribs recipe or wanting to hear more about Lucy's bizarre obsession with raw fish and finding instead, a long treatise on baby diarrhea, replete with colorful descriptions (greenish brown) and gross details of form and consistency (liquidy and loose).

See, it's like I can't stop myself....

No more pictures of David horsing around and pretending to be a male model
(He's going to be soooooooooo mad at me for using this picture)

I'm going to try to post 3 to 4 times a week now. Some posts will be long and rambling, others short. I'll change it up to keep you all guessing. I'll try for posts Monday, Wednesday and 1 or 2 over Friday and the weekend (I like to consider Friday as a part of every weekend), depending on our travel schedule and my book deadlines. I'd like to cover a wide spectrum of "cooking and eating with kids" topics and of course, most of them will end up being pretty wacky because we here at "Casa Foster" are out of the closet and unashamed about our wackiness.

I'll keep trying new foods and recipes in my kitchen and passing them on to you. I am, as always, hard on the trail of simple, fresh, delicious, exciting food that can be prepared efficiently for a family-style kitchen - weekday meals, entertaining, special events, etc. I have some interviews planned this year from people who have something to teach me about food and kids and hopefully, you'll get a kick out of what they have to say. And I'll be chewing the fat about fun, interesting, relevant food news and controversies just to make sure you guys are staying awake out there. And once in awhile, I'll be downright snarky and rude, just to keep it interesting.

I'm also going to be radically up-dating my blogroll this week because I want to really keep up with food news and I want all of you to be able to do that as well.

And no more adorable picture of my kids doing cute things,
like hugging each other in FAO Schwartz. I mean what does that have to do with food?

And I want to hear from you and tell me what you'd like me to write about, what food topics I should be exploring. I want your opinions. I want to hear about the things you find challenging with kids and cooking. I especially want to hear from the closeted ones - you know who you are - the ones who are reading, but never say anything.

I know you're out there...

I especially want to hear from my enthusiastic readers in Botswana (yes, you know who you are. I couldn't be happier to get love from Botswana) and Australia (because Aussie's just rock). I also want all you anonymous commenters, especially the dissenters and the ones who want me to a write book (I love you the most) to come out from the shadows and make yourself known. This is a community after all. If the thought of baring all in the comments section is too horror-producing, drop me an e-mail.

And I'll try to keep the poop stories to myself. (I hear a collective sigh of relief from the blogosphere.)

This is going to be a wonderful year. Here's to eating and cooking and gabbing together!

xxxooo YM



Veronica said...

Okay, so just about food. I like food, food is good.

Now, to ask a teensy little favour, I just noticed I am on your sidebar (yay! I love you), but it is for my old blog (sniff sob).

Do you mind terribly updating it? Pretty please?

b said...

Hi Mum,

I think it's perfectly fine that you show your adorable kids doing adorable things, but then again, I'm a parent. I see your point about the non-parental readers, but then again the uniqueness of your blog is the fact that it's about your gourmet quest, WITH your kids. There are 5 million food blogs out there. What makes yours hilarious and especially interesting is the quirky addition of your sweet girls, coupled with your great sense of humor and writing talent.
Just my 2 cents.

b said...

P.S. Of course, this does depend on whether or not you have a commercial goal; most of my readers are friends and family who we don't see often and ask me, via phone and email, to pretty please post more pictures of the fam. It's embarrassing, but we hardly ever print and send out family pics, so the blog is all Nana gets.