Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our House is Like A Petrie Dish

I nearly have another post for you, dear readers, but the plague has descended upon us...again. And I doubt I'll get it off to you before tomorrow. I need to go wash the vomit off my shoulders. And the whole front of me. And the back of me. My apologies. Again.

This time it's Lucy. Sweet, exuberant Lucy, who just went to her first day of pre-school yesterday and was so un-traumatized by the idea of leaving me that she pushed me aside and stepped over my lifeless body so she could sprint into her classroom. The teacher said she didn't even ask for me or look longingly at the door even once in the entire 2 1/2 hours.

Note to self: Remind her over and over I was in labor with her for 37 hours.

Then she cried when it was time to leave. "I want to take ballet class!" she wailed and large tears slid down her cheeks. There was great anguish. Hers. Mine. Then we medicated ourselves with ice cream. All in all a pretty great day.

Today, whole different story - poor little thing laid on the couch, watching Wonder Pets, singing the theme song in a weak, pathetic, barely audible voice, her head on her pillow, bunny tucked underneath her blanket, hot, feverish and flushed. Even in the throes of the Bubonic, she was tough. She refused the Children's Tylenol because it was purple, not pink and then, when David got her the pink bubble gum Tylenol, she was unmoved by it's pinkness. Still she suffers with her fever, allowing only a cool cloth on her forehead. Tough cookie.

It's nearly 11pm here. She just woke...she was having a nightmare that Swiper was coming to swipe her. David and I just confirmed for her that we had indeed made Swiper go away. She's falling back into a hazy sleep. Hope my girl feels better tomorrow.

I'll try to have a new food post up for you sometime tomorrow. I have a back log of things to tell you and some amazing new recipes to share. But that will have to wait for Lucy to return to her amazing little self. Thanks for being patient.

xxxooo YM


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Veronica said...

Poor little pet, I hope she is better soon.

Aside from that, I am glad she had an untraumatising day at pre-school.