Friday, May 2, 2008

We're Going to Australia...Tomorrow

Okay, not tomorrow. We're going on Sunday. Psych.

This is, of course, a last minute thing. We are not the kind of people who plan things months in advance and prepare and develop long packing lists and have every conceivable thing in our bag in case of every conceivable emergency.

We're the kind of people who decide to go half way around the world to a different hemisphere with two small children in tow, like, on a few days notice, as if we were going to a bed and breakfast just outside the city for the weekend or something, with a sweater and a hairbrush stuffed into a backpack.

That's just our way.

Question to the Aussie's: Are there kangaroos on the beach?

I know this might sound romantic, like we are footloose and fancy free and spontaneous and are kids are unsullied by rigid schedules and control freak trip planning, but we're also the kind of people who will get seated next to the control freak trip planners on the plane and eat all their carefully-prepared organic snacks and ask them to borrow one of the five brand new toothbrushes they remembered to buy and bring with them, just in case of an emergency.

And it was an emergency, because we didn't have toothbrushes and these people were going to have to spend 14 hours with us on a plane, smelling our horrible breath.

We love you, control freak trip planners.

Anyway, this trip isn't completely spontaneous. The plan has been on the map for awhile. David has an important show touring there and we planned on going for part of the tour and visiting the grandparents and friends and having a nice little work/vacation, but we thought it would be later on in May.

Then, this thing happened.

See, you may not know this but my husband has a very sexy job. He doesn't think it's sexy, in fact, he spends a good deal of time telling me how decidedly un-sexy his job is and how all he does is work on spread sheets. But in between all the Excel, he does things like meet with 'Fantastic World-Famous Celebrities". And the way he talks about these meetings with "Fantastic World-Famous Celebrities" is to work it into the middle of a completely inane discussion. Like this:

David: You know, Edie has been having loose stools all week.

Kim: I noticed they were a little green this morning.

David: "Fantastic World-famous Celebrity's Manager" called today. They want to meet with me tomorrow...I wonder if she's been eating too many avocados...

And when I get kinda excited and all gushy about how cool my husband is, he reminds me that he's just "paying the bills", like he's a steel worker or a coal miner or something.

So anyway, "Fantastic World-Famous Celebrity" wants to meet with David on a certain date and we re-arranged our trip to accommodate. As you can imagine, I haven't packed a thing, the house is a mess and Lucy has packed every single stuffed animal in her room into a suitcase and is insisting all her "friends" make the trip.

And with that, we're off to Sydney, people.

I'll be posting regularly from Down Under, so stay with me.
I'll also be doing some food posts. I have a back log of great recipes for you and I'll be cooking and eating out in Sydney. I also want to go to Bill's, since I am big Bill Granger fan.

I think the first thing I'll do is a photo essay of the FREAKIN' 14 HOUR PLANE RIDE. Hopefully, we'll be sitting next to the Control Freak Trip Planners, with their scads of Wiggles DVDs' and Diego coloring books.

Say a prayer the plane doesn't fall into the ocean. Or explode on the runway.

I'm not joking. Say a prayer.

xxoo YM



Shannon said...

Have a fantastic trip!! I'm sending safe plane ride vibes your way.

I can't wait to see the Sydney recipes or at least food pics you'll be posting!

Anonymous said...

i'm jealous, you suck and i don't want to be in St.Louis anymore.

But, you all will be in my prayers on Sunday for a safe flight. Have a blast and can't wait to hear about your travels. Hope the boobs can handle it that long of a plane ride...there is going to be lots of boob-needing by one particular child I fear.

good luck...god speed

Krysta said...

See, this is why I have time to post...I don't have a sexy husband who has an important job. Please have a safe trip and good luck flying with your kids. I'm actually jealous.

Veronica said...


Sheesh. Tasmania remember? Where all the cool stuff is?

I hope the flight isn't that painful for you.

Also, I have never seen a Kangaroo on the beach, but remember I am in Tassie and the kangaroos are all too busy living in the bush.

Lucy said...

Do kangaroos jump on the beaches? None that I've seen. But way up north, strange things do happen.

Have a great time. Oh, I miss Sydney (small sob)...and here's a red hot dining tip for you. Red Lantern in Surry Hills. Beautiful, beautiful and I'll say it one more time BEAUTIFUL Vietnamese food. You must have the deep-fried squid bits (not actual name...but they'll know what I'm talking about). They are served with a lemon and pepper sauce that is incredible. Have been dreaming about it for months now.

I went to Art School with Bill. He dropped out after first year and years later turned up as a huge culinary star. He's a nice guy from what I remember.

Next time, come to Melbourne. It would be a hoot to meet!

grocer said...


well when you get here anyway I'll be touting the virtual welcome sign!

LOTS of things to do and see in Sydney - you already know that and your super hot celebrity shoulder rubbing husband will surely have all of the inside information!

One warning, IMHO Bills is INCREDIBLY over rated. All 3 of the outlets. Bill is too busy advertising toothpaste to go anywhere near the cafes!

And yes, I have seen roos on the beach. But not every beach. It has to pretty much be around a national park. There are plenty of them around the southern end of Jervis Bay (2hours south of sydney) and possibly you would see in the Royal National Park (if you get to fly over that when you arrive it's special).

Anyhow if there's anything you might need when you are here, you can find me through my blogspot easily enough.

ntsc said...

Have a good flight. The longest I've ever done is Japan and that was no treat, and I was with my wife not two small children.

Neen said...

If your plane ride photo essay is anything like your grocery-store photo essay, I can't wait. You probably can. But I know I'll enjoy it ;)
Also, you may find it silly, but Do and I would like to give you a bloggie award. Check out our 5/3/08 post for a swath of information and compliments!

Izzy's Mama said...

I'm sure you know it already but that plane ride is sure to be one huge boobie-fest! Can't wait to hear about all of the upcoming adventures. I could never be so spur of the moment even with just one kid..I can't imagine. I have enough trouble getting ready with a couple of months notice.

Mommy said...

So odd - the woman I detest more than life itself is leaving Austrailia today - and the woman that I think is too funny for words is going to Australia today.

Good thing for you Kim this trip was not last week. If you got stuck next to her on the plane it would be far worse than stealing all the organic treats from the control freaks!

I am a bit jealous too as MN has been quite frigid this spring. The first time my lawn service came to apply weed/feed we had an inch of snow over the whole lawn!

Praying for you,


Lina said...

How exciting! Have a lot of fun down under!!!

The Yummy Mummy said...

You guys are the best...

I just wanted to write a quick note and say thanks for all the well wishes and let you know it is Sunday morning, day of our flight and we haven't packed a thing. Not even a pair of socks.

Not that I'm worried or anything.

Talk to you when we land in Sydney!

Love to you all - Kim

Badass Geek said...

I'll pray for you for your trip if you pray for me on mine... I'm going to the laudromat in town today.

Scary place, it is.

Christine said...

Have a safe trip! And may it involve some footloose and carefree travel mates. Travel mates who despite being carefree have good snacks.

Also, JEALOUS. Of your trip and the husband's sexy job.

Annie K. Nodes said...

Have fun! I hope the airline has food that fits in with Dave's new diet.

Annie K. Nodes said...

Oops. Did I say diet? I meant lifestyle.

Familia Cazorla Wood said...

A roll of scotch tape on the airplane can provide a good hour of entertainment. You can tape things all over the seats. And look at all the yucky fuzz that sticks to the tape when you peel it off the seats. Hairbrushing is also a fun one that can take up some time. As can applying lipgloss and eyeshadow. And, of course, DVDs and a portable DVD player are priceless, because the movie choices are always totally inappropriate for little kids. We've done California to Europe 4 times with our little ones. A few bags of goldfish are a good idea too!

Jennifer said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip!

I'm totally NOT jealous of your quality airplane time. I drug myself up every time I fly over an ocean, that's my rule. Can't exactly do that with kids in tow. I'm sorry.