Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Husband Rode the Mechanical Bull at Rib Fest. And We Ate Ribs.

Yes, that's my seriously cute kid eating ribs. But first, let's get to the good stuff.

Here is David, riding a mechanical bull at the pork extravaganza known as "Rib Fest" held in New Paltz, New York.

He's somewhere on the ground under the bull.

Unfortunately for me, he looked great on the bull and didn't humiliate himself. Bummer. I was kind of counting on that.

I got all excited when he said he was going to ride the bull 'cause I was thinking in my head, "Oh man, I'm so gonna blog about this and he's gonna go flying off that thing and I'm gonna have this great shot of him screaming and ripping through the air and then the end shot will be like the gash on his leg where he careened into a clown making balloon animals for the kids."

That's right, that's what I was thinking. I'm a shitty wife.

But none of this happened. Turns out my man is a gifted mechanical bull rider. Not one audience member laughed at him or pointed or whispered something like "That poor girl, married to a boob like that," and I checked. I asked around. I got nothing.

The guy was cool looking even when he fell, but he stayed on the bull so long no one cared. Even the stupid hat looked good on him with his long hair. People clapped. And when he opened his mouth to speak and his Australian accent came out, he looked even cooler, more exotic, like he had grown up riding kangaroos or something in the bush.

By the time, he made it back over to me, he been elevated to national hero status. Someone started singing 'Danny Boy'. A group of drunk men wanted to carry him around the grounds on their shoulders. A woman flung her panties at him.

Okay, that panty part was a lie. But the rest?...on my podiatrist's eyes.

So, then we did what any self-respecting family of a national hero does when they go to Rib Fest - we went hunting for pork.

That's when we found Moe's from Boston. These guys are serious about their ribs. The line for their ribs, pulled pork and fixin's went so far back, we knew these guys had to be special.

This is Moe.

And the gang. Doin' their thing.

And then, we ate. A lot.

And then, Lucy showed me the ribs inside her mouth. Which is pleasant.

And then, we took our full bellies and went climbing in the nearby Shawanagunks. Let me re-phrase that. I sit around and drink Diet Pepsi, which David calls "The Black Cancer Juice" and flick ants off my legs, while the rest of the family dangles off the edges of cliffs.

My lot in life is to watch the people I love do death death-defying things. And then, feed them afterwards.

Sounds not so bad to me...

xo YM



SaintTigerlily said...

Wow, you weren't kidding. He is really climbing there, like, with ropes and hooks and other climbing business gear. Verrry impressive.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Gunks when I lived back east...really good climbing..except for the shitty black flies!

I am also jealous of your ribs...those looked soooo damn good. I haven't found much I like out here in Scottsdale yet...and it doesn't help that we live very very far out of the city......but hey..we have a pool.

The Yummy Mummy said...

STL - Yeah, he's a he-man.

Actually, this was a not so difficult climb and he may not love that I put these exact pictures up...in case, you know other climbers are lurking (because I have a silent base of climbing readers. Not) but he had his shirt off and I went with that.

CW - Thank the freakin' high heavens you're back! I thought you slipped off the edge of Scottsdale never to return.

How is the cheese out West?


Anonymous said...

sadly, the cheese out here is proving to be a big bag of shite...but not to worry..the cheesemonger will be working soon and get these folks into tip top shape. They won't know what to do with themselves.

Sad thing is...we live sooo far away from everything...we even live outside of Scottsdale in a small little town called Carefree...yes...Carefree, AZ. Ripe with snow birds and hippies. Luckily one of the best restaurants in town (Binkley's) is at our back door...other than that...it's a 20 mile drive to decent food.

rita said...

Kim: David looks positively dashing on that mechanical bull. I must say the cowboy look really suits him. The pictures of you and your 2 beautiful children are great. I didn't even know you could get good BBQ anywhere here in NY. I enjoy reading your blogs.
xxxOOO Rita

The Mulligan Family said...

Oh Kim! Another wonderful post. All that great BBQ and ribs look fabulous. Too bad David couldn't have obliged by looking silly for your enjoying and blogging! ;-) Guess you'll just have to settle with his apparent perfectness. Smiles! Cindy

Elizabeth Cobb Durel said...

ohhhhh those ribs look good!

99 said...

Hello. I just landed here from the word "bleery"... and, having insomnia, I decided to duck around a bit.

I feel compelled to announce that your darling husband was wearing shorts while riding a bull... albeit a fake one... but don't let any cowboys see those pictures!

Stay happy.

The Yummy Mummy said...

Bleery got you to my site? Hilarious. Well, it makes sense. You have to be a little bleery to hang around here. Thanks for coming 99!

And thanks for all the nice things you guys said about my manly husband!

Krysta said...

kim, that picture of david on the bull? wow, sexy... did you try to procreate after that? because again wow! that makes up for the nasty fake tortillas in my book.

lorelei said...

I think you should use the picture of you with your two girls for your "about the yummy mummy" photo. Beautiful of all three of you.

mom2four said...

I'm a regular reader, but don't even know if I've posted to thank you for getting me through my many monotonous days with my 4 little one's...you crack me up!

I could converse about ribs and rock climbing all night, but what I really want to know is what sling your DH is wearing in the pic? I'm in DESPERATE need of a sling to carry my almost one year old, and occassionally, my 2 1/2 year old...please, share your sling name!!!!!

The Yummy Mummy said...

Krysta - I know. I totally married up. The tortilla fiasco of 08 just makes him all the more interesting!

Lorelei - Okay, I'm making my husband read your comment about the picture. I agree. He doesn't like that one and he also doesn't like the one that's up.

I just want a picture that makes me look like a size 4 and 26.

Mom2Four - That sling is called a "PSling" It is expensive - the cheapest are about $200 and they come in lots of materials. Some very swanky.

To be honest, I wouldn't buy another one. Their return policy was obnoxious and the store manager was difficult and inflexible when I wanted to make a trade for a more practical, less expensive fabric, even though it had never left the box. I won't buy another one.

You should check out www.HotSlings.com. They have a bunch of different colors, fabrics and styles and they are inexpensive, like $40. I also like that they are fitted to you, so you are not hiking around all that extra material as a drape in front of you.

When we have another baby, this is where I'll buy our next sling. Check it out and let me know how it goes!


Lorelei said...

Well I've never seen you in person so I don't have any comparison on the picture front but if you're even prettier in person than you are in that photo then I can't read you anymore! I enjoy your blog and adventures in parenting so I'll have to put aside my raging insecurities and read on ...

The Yummy Mummy said...

Lorlei -

I am butt ugly. Trust me. But I'm butt ugly in like a funny, weird way, so it works for me.

Your self-esteem will hold up just fine around here. Trust me.

But what's bad is that even when I look good in my funny weird way, I take a terrible picture. So send me to get my hair and make-up done, put me in something Versace and no matter how awesome I look, the picture will always look like a deformed clown in a burlap sack with one eye closed after he's been smoking crack all night.

No really. Just ask David. It is the freakin' truth. Crack-smokin'-one-eyed-deformed-clown.

Here's another explanation - My beauty is too sleek, like a cougar. It cannot be captured by a mere camera. Yeah, that's it.


mom2four said...

Thanks Kim! I am fully against rude, stingent return policies! I just want to say "HELLO! I AM THE BUYER, YOU ARE THE MAKER...WHO IS KEEPING WHO IN BUSINESS????? JUST MAKE ME HAPPY!!!!" SO, I will look into the hotslings, but I have a friend who has been selling ringslings (I think they may even be the same as the hotsling...I don't know...it's all very over my head), so I'm going to try it since she swears by it...and is giving it to me at cost, with the promise that I can return it to her if I don't like it! I just figured if your Hot...I'm sorry...I meant, if your husband wore the sling, I thought it had to be super good! Thanks for the tip!!

Okay, back to making blanket forts!

melissa said...

Dude. Kim. I'm with everyone else, David looked good on the bull!

I never get tired of looking at your girls.

Or pork.

Neen said...

Two favorite photos: hubbie on the bull leaning back... ridiculously, drool-inducingly sexy. Especially when I add in the Australian accent. Not fair. 2nd favorite: Hubbie about to take a bite of rib while one of your girls in the sling is eyeing the rib with her mouth open. Like, "Daaad, miiine!" :)

Jenn said...

Found your blog through Saint Tigerlily's, and I love it! One question--what kind of camera do you have, it takes fabulous close-ups. I'm a food person and it is SO FRUSTRATING to try to take pics of things when the camera rejects anything that is zoomed in to less than 3 feet away.