Monday, September 29, 2008

A Few Things to Get Us Moving on A Monday

First, this is Delaney Lila Foster, who finally took that long scary ride out of my sister-in-laws vaginal canal, braving pelvic bones and sticky cervical fluids, to make her appearance. If you missed my overly-sentimental welcome letter to her, go here. I was all moved by birth and stuff.

And this is what happens when kids are allowed to cook in the kitchen. They make un-edible concoctions called Pomegranate Splash (made from olive oil, butter, bread crumbs, eggs, salt, walnuts, capers, olives, peanut butter, Wheat Thins and whatever else is in arms reach that she can get into the bowl, but no actual pomegranate seeds, weirdly enough)

And they make you refrigerate it for future eating and demand that you serve it as a soup the following day. Fortunately chicken soup looks a lot of like Pomegranate Splash. Who knew.

Oh, and this is what Sunday is to me.

And this just makes me happy.

And this link is to my new Imperfect Parent Article where I tell people “The 10 Things You Can Do To Create Your Very Own Picky Eater”. I make fun of people here. So, just be prepared for that. But please go there, because I like to make fun of people in front of an audience.

So many things. So Monday…

Xxoo YM



ntsc said...

Hey the apron is to protect the front, one seldom spills things on your own back.

Anonymous said...

Way to teach your kids how to waste food.

xoch said...
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xoch said...

aw jeez who said that? and then anonymous! do you have kids, you jerk? sorry, kim, one of my pet peeves. Nice pics, btw. That last one also just made me happy, too.

Veronica said...

I think 'waste' is a relative term. Did it not keep them quiet for a few minutes? Food well spent if you ask me.

And I nearly wet myself laughing at the Imperfect Parent article. You should have at least warned me!

Beth said...

Great article. How did you know why I hated asparagus until I was 25?

Anonymous said...

Yes, now I'm stalking you but I'm so glad I jumped over from Imperfect Parent! Thanks for a hardy laugh that I really needed (re. Google Analytics)- people are astoundingly asinine, yes?

The Yummy Mummy said...

Anonymous - Thanks for writing. But of course, I disagree.

I think an hour spent pretending to be a chef in a restaurant and using different utensils to prepare the food and imagining different scenarios and different foods going into the concoction, not to mention her pride at having made this awesome thing totally on her own, is, indeed, not a waste of food, but a terrific use of food.

Still, I appreciate you weighing in. We are not afraid of a little criticism around here.


SaintTigerlily said...

Oooh. Anonymous seems nice. I wonder, because all the really REALLY nice people on the internet seem to be anonymous. It's sort of cute that they coordinated.

Obviously "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." Awesome moms everywhere should learn from your example and encourage the imaginations of their little cheffies. I wanna come play at your house!

(Seriously - I haven't forgotten our plans for dinner and the request for dates...I think my wedding swallowed me whole)

Anonymous said...

You certainly don't need defending, YM. You're just awesome. Anonymous has an opinion, just like the rest of us. Who can define wasteful anyway? Your Sunday made me smile - a perfect illustration.


The Yummy Mummy said...
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xoch said...

ya know, it wasn't so much the opinion, since everyone is entitled to one, but the fact that it's anonymous. Although there are some nice anonymous as seen above, I admit.

melissa said...

Fortunately chicken soup looks a lot of like Pomegranate Splash.


That one of David and the girls is the awesomeness.

As is your article. HILARIOUS. And spot on. Good for you!