Monday, September 22, 2008

How I Like to Eat My Apples...

That's right, baby. Right off the tree. Bring. It. On.

Oh yeah. That's me. I'm hot. Like Billy Idol's younger sister.

Two lovely women, Amy and Jaime, who thought they were getting away for a relaxing day in the country, but who instead ended up schlepping broken bags of apples, ridiculously large pumpkins and dirty kids around all day because my husband was off defying death and climbing a sheer rock face with their husbands. They were both troopers and great company.

They will, however, be staying on the birth control for some time to come. Thanks to us.

See the cliffs way in the back behind Edie? That's where the boys were doing their studly, man-against-the-rock thing.

Apples tossed recklessly aside to search for the Great Pumpkin...

This is my friend Lara (above) with Lucy and Edie and this little beauty (below) is her daughter Ruby. She's also Lucy's BFF.

And we're getting naked in the pumpkin patch...

And making the crazy naked pumpkin face...

And that's how I like to eat my apples. Fall is definately here.

xxoo YM

PS: Many thanks to Lara from Ruby Stories. She took many of these pictures. She is, like, the most humble, sweet, non-self-centered person on the planet, but behind the camera she turns into Richard Avedon on steroids and after every click, she's exclaiming, "Ah! That's amazing!"..."OMG! What a brilliant picture!"..."My God, it's like a professional took this!"

She's a freak. But I love her. And the photos are, indeed, beautiful.



Rita said...

I'm betting that Amy & Jamie will opt to get off the birth control after spending the day with you, Lara and those 3 beatiful kids.

I hope if I come to visit you I'll have the opportunity to met Lara and Ruby.

kitchenmage said...

You should do a series titled "Getting naked in..." with the best shots of the Underpants-heads. They are too darned cute!

melissa said...

I know I am always commenting on your kiddos, but I'll do it again - Lucy looks positively beautiful in that second shot with the hazy light and her squatting in front of the bag. She looks so very much like David now too.

I don't know what it is Kim, I know other people with adorable kids, but yours just get me every time.

Fall is approaching. Give me some good apple ideas!

Lara Goodman said...

THANK YOU for giving me the proper credit for those shots that I really do pride myself on!! And for goodness sake, e-mail me the lot of them!

And Gail forgives you for blowing us off (much more whole heartedly than I do) and will call you in the near future for a chat. :)

Krysta said...

what beautiful kids and pictures! so if you guys are looking for the great pumpkin... who linus, sally, lucy and charlie brown?

The Yummy Mummy said...

You know, I really should do a whole themed thing on "getting naked in..."

I guess we're naked a lot.

Anonymous said...

Those are such great shots, but I was a little surprised that there was no boob shot! Have you actually been successful in fully weaning the 'boob crazed toddler'? Now they're just 'naked crazed'.

What is it with your daughters and their streaking??? I find it hilarious, even in it's oddity.