Monday, September 15, 2008

So, I'm all proud of myself...

I invited my friend and neighbor Rachel over for dinner with her husband Jaff and their daughter Hidaya. (That's them above with David and the kids)

We just love these guys and I saw Rach in the hall this morning and she had big, big big news and we wanted to get together, so we tried to concoct something spur of the moment. Which is always the best way.

So I thought of a great dinner dish and went out this morning and shopped and came back to the kitchen and laid everything out and did some prep ahead of time and was feeling good about how ahead of the game I was and that made me feel a little super-mom-ish and I was even contemplating an impromtu shower and maybe working a little more on my book proposal because yes, I'm writing books for my clients, but I also started a book proposal for my own book which I have neglected to mention to you, but will write a post about soon since I could use your ideas and input and the process has been funny and interesting.

But anyway...

I'm feeling good. On a roll. Ahead of the game. Chest beating with pride and self-accomplishment. Dinner was in the bag. And I was up to my elbows working the marinade into the meat and thinking about how good it's all going to taste and what side dishes to serve. And then, I realize it. I'm a complete ass.

Rachel is Jewish. And Jaff is Muslim.

I'm serving them pork.

Complete. Ass.

xxoo YM



ntsc said...

Assuming she is kosher and he is halah, he should be able to eat what she does.

And do they follow the diet restrictions? I've Jewish friends who serve ham and jambalya for their New Years open house and their Islamic friends eat it.

Chicken in cream sauce is a no-no by the way.

Beth said...

Even if they are strict in their dietary beliefs, then a great dinner for you and the crew tomorrow. Even better left in the marinade for another day. You'll come up w/something.

I too had a similar thing happen. When I met my birth mother for the first time (and I knew she was 7th day advan.) I didn't know the dietary rules she followed, so thinking I was oh so chic and wanting to impress I served a seafood quiche, w/some bacon thrown in for good measure. They follow the same dietary rules as most of the Jewish faith. No shellfish or pork. Damn. And of course lots of wine was on hand. Luckily I had made a decent salad that she and her sister could eat.

Oh well, I now know to ask and try to find something for everyone.

avra said...

Reminds me of the time we served pizza to a Jewish friend of my husbands's. It was pepperoni. Oops.

It's the thought that counts, right?

Lucy said...

Bugger, darls.

But hang on a minute.

I see a book proposal hidden in that text. Sneaky thing. Very Exciting!

Familia said...

catholic girls. can't take them anywhere.

The Mulligan Family said...

Oh Good Gawd! This is TOTALLY something that I would do. All proud of myself and feeling accomplished - only to find that I've stuck my foot in it again! My favorite saying - and it's definitely appropriate for this story.... OY!!!!

Krysta said...

tha story writes itself in this case!

what book?

Anonymous said...

i want to write a book....i have some free time around 2:23 am to get going on that......just after I finish loading the diswasher..right before I take my daily 12 minute nap before getting up to go to work.....

seriously, I'd love to read a book by would be hilarious. Oh, and by the way...the baby bug is back...I'm trying to convince myself that it would be impossibly stupid for me to conceive in with an entire year of grad school remaining....

SaintTigerlily said...

Hee hee. I once cooked a pork shoulder and a risotto for guests who were kosher as well as allergic to cheese.


Mommy said...

We had a poor placement of an exchange student here in good old suburbs of Minneapolis - and not the one the Cohen brothers come from. A TOTALLY KOSHER girl from Israel in a Norwegian house.

Good luck with that one AFS!

melissa said...

Oh shit! But awwww. *Laughing* I feel badly for you guys with similar stories. Thankfully I haven't done that, yet.