Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things Kids Yell Out An Open Window

So Lucy is screaming at her friends down on the playground.

She is standing in our bedroom window with her faced pressed into the open crack telling them to wait for her, begging them to keep playing until we get there, even asking one of the Moms to stay a little longer. I'm trying to pack a small bag, get some juice, wipes, find shoes for everyone. And of course, go to the bathroom. So, I explain to Lucy the short list of things I need to do and tell her that we'll be at the playground in like 5 minutes.

She seems satisfied. I'm running around the house.

Then, I hear her talking to people on the playground. Well, screaming to them actually. I hear her screaming at another mom, Tamara, who is actually 6 floors below us with her son on the playground. This I what I hear:

Lucy: Tamara, stay there. We'll be right down. My mom just has to find a tampon!

Tamara: What?

Lucy: A TAMPON! She has to find her TAMPON!

She's so loud. And quick. She actually yells it a bunch of times before I can run in the bedroom and stop her. By the time I get there, the whole building has been up-dated on my tampon quest. There are a bunch of parents standing around the playground looking up at her in the window and chuckling. And pointing. One of the bigger kids was definately pointing. There were a couple little boys looking confused.

Great, an audience. I start laughing. I can't help it.

Kim: What are ya doing, kiddo?

She jumps into my arms and says matter-of-factly: It's true, Mommy. You were trying to find your tampon.

And she's right, of course. It's true. The tampon was actually in my hand.

Maybe I need to stop sharing every little piece of information with my children.

xo YM



melissa said...

No, no, please continue... *laughing*... cause the stories are just too good. :D

ntsc said...

Plus think of the fun you will have telling that story to some boy she brings home from college.

Jason said...

Oh Kim that was a yummy story! Choice and yummy!

I clicked over at the recommendation of Mulligan and I'm glad I did. Now I must go read some more. What if your whole blog is like this? I'll die.

The Mulligan Family said...

What is that saying... "Out of the mouths of babes"... That is a priceless story.

So glad you visited my site and that you enjoyed the story about my parents. They were outstanding people. I can only hope my son will think as highly of me all those years later.

I see that Jason stopped by. His blog is a hoot... I suggested to him that he come visit you. I'm glad he did.

You're AWESOME! You never cease to make me smile.

Cheers! Cindy

Shannon said...

That is classic, priceless, funny as hell. This was the best.