Thursday, October 23, 2008

So, my husband says...

"Want to watch a movie tonight?"

I'm in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher. I don't look up.

I say, "Yeah, sweetie. That would be great...What movie do you want to watch?"

There is silence.

A brief hesitation. I notice it immediately.

I look up, over at him in the kitchen room (which is what Lucy calls the living room because it is connected to the kitchen.) David is sitting on the floor, his lap top open in front of him. The cat is on David's shoulder, nuzzling his ear.

David is stroking him affectionately. Maybe too affectionately.

"Um, I was talking to Nemo," he says.

And this is how it starts...

I lose my husband to the cat.

xxoo YM



Krysta said...

trading one pussy for another, huh... would have never thought...

Rita said...

Don't worry Kim - it's just temporary. David will come around. After all, cats can't cook gourmet meals. Come to think of it, they can't even open up a box of corn flakes!! ha ha. BTW, how was the week with your Mom? Did you seen any shows?

Anne Stesney said...

Yeah, cats are man-stealing assholes. I should've warned you.

The Mulligan Family said...

Hysterical! One of our kitties, Coco, is in love with my DH. You should SEE HER, rubbing all over him and nuzzling in his ear. Little slut!!! :-) I find I keep having to remind my hubby that he is already spoken for! He just loves the attention.

Le laquet said...

Aha ... yes, well, slippery slope I'm afraid. You need to get a dog and then lets see how he feels!!