Thursday, October 9, 2008

This is Not Me...

Special thanks to Cheesemongers Wife who sent this to me after my post about weaning Edie. It's hilarious. And not me.

Really, not me.

Also, not me - I found this screamer on the same You Tube page. It's about a British woman who is still breastfeeding her 8 year old. She does it on camera. And the kids draw pictures of her breasts and lovingly give them nicknames and talk to them and shit. It's so bizarre, I thought it was a mockumentary at first.

Now, I'm frightened. I may need to wean Edie this weekend.

I'll write something fresh tomorrow. I'm trying to finish the sample chapters on my book proposal and I'm just starting to get Twilight out of my head. Go away, Edward Cullen. You are messin' wit my mind. Oh, and must go buy food at the grocery store before the family keels over from hunger. Bad vampire, bad vampire.

xxoo YM



Nurit from Family. Friednly. Food. said...

Oh my goodness…
And I just loooooooooove sentences that begin with “scientist found that…”
Otherwise, I am speechless.
I got to send this to all my girlfriends.
Good luck with weaning!
It’s so hard to believe. It can’t be. Can it?
By the way, where is the husband???

Anonymous said...

OMFG.....I had to stop both and quit kinda weirded me out....a LOT

Izzy's Mama said...

I used to show that whole Bitty series to my family, just to shock them! I used to tell them that would be me! I find them completely hilarious.

As for the other video, that woman is lovely and it is quite sad to read some of the comments. People who haven't experienced extended breastfeeding really have little understanding of it.

p.s. How goes it in the weaning department?