Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Proper Glass of Beer

Last night, I overhear David talking in the other room. He says:

"Okay, now here's the right way to pour beer...First, you tilt the glass to a 45 degree angle...That's right, good...Then, you pour the beer so it hits the middle of the glass, about half way down...yep, that's about half...then, you bring the glass up straight again and continue to pour...That's great! Good girl!"

I think he's talking to the cat again.

"...And that's how you pour a glass of beer, Edie"

Edie is two years old.

I peek around the corner just in time to see my youngest child sitting on her father's lap, beaming as if she has just aced the Mensa exam and holding an empty beer bottle. David is sipping a large glass with a thick, foamy head. He looks pleased with himself.

He sees me, turns back to Edie and says, "You're Australian. You have to know how to pour a proper glass of beer."


xxoo YM



Izzy's Mama said...

And I can't even bear the fact that my husband even drinks beer in front of Izzy!

The Mulligan Family said...

Truly awesome! Afterall, She has to be true to her roots! Cheers.

Lucy said...

Well, you do need to know these things.

Beer is Very Important, I am told.

ntsc said...

Most American beers should be poured right back into the horse.

Most kids spend the first year of college learning this, think of the time she will save.

SaintTigerlily said...

My mom taught me how to make martinis when I was five or so, and margaritas when I was 7, and I'm totally FINE.


Please don't let that scare you.


Krysta said...

i was getting beers and crackin' open for my mom at 7.

Anonymous said...

you married a good man.

Le laquet said...

LMAO! Learn them young!

Mommy said...

My grandmother taught me how to make martinis when I was about 8 - we just made them in the teapot is she could have her 'tea' on the porch.