Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Slava's Snowshow on Broadway

So, usually I don't tell people that David is producing a show until the show happened and then, I regale you with some bizarre story about how I fell down in high heels in front of dignitaries and my dress got all twisted up around my neck or something. Or I just confide to you how mortified I was when one of the kids starts pelting some celebrity in the head with grapes. This happened by the way.

But usually a few of you will e-mail me and let me know that I suck for not telling you all about the show in advance, so this is my attempt not to suck. David is producing a limited holiday run of Slava's Snowshow on Broadway. If you've never seen Snowshow, I urge you to check it out. You and the kids will be mesmerized. And when the blizzard of snow transforms the whole theatre into a white wonderland and everyone is throwing snow at each other and playing like 5 year olds, well, it's all pretty special.

What I love most about this show, I think, is that my Dad loved it. My Dad hated theatre. I dragged him to everything I was working on (when I worked as a dramaturg) and he sat through every Broadway show and pretended to like it, understand it, get it. He smiled and winced and slept through each of them.

When Snowshow was off-Broadway for 3 years, my parents and my in-laws went to see it together, the weekend David and I got married and I figured my Dad would be bored senseless. He laughed through the whole thing. Just laughed his head off. I was shocked. The show doesn't have a narrative story or any scripted words, so for him, it was a series of magical scenes that were as clear and vividly drawn as watching a photograph come to life.

Watching him watch the show gave me a new understanding of the power of theatre to transform and soften the toughest critic, the biggest naysayer. Anyway, since my father has been dead for nearly two years, the show makes me remember him laughing. I can see him right now in my head...

Anyway, previews start tonight at the Helen Hayes Theatre. I am infinitely proud of David for all the things he does, the things he can make happen, the way he wills things into existence, just makes them appear as if he had magical powers. He is afraid of nothing. He just barrels through. With him, everything good is possible. I spend everyday a little in awe of his super-powers.

So, I hope he enjoys this fun ride. I know, the girls and I will. Break a leg, baby.

xxoo YM



lisa said...

I love reading your blog to laugh and learn new recipes. When I saw the info about the show I decided to go ahead and buy tickets for the Christmas Eve matinee. We are usually with a big bunch of extended family for Christmas but this year it will be just my huband and I and our three kids so I wanted to make it special and this show seems to have that magical quality. Do you think my youngest (4 1/2) will like it? I hope so I already bought the tickets!

SaintTigerlily said...

I can't WAIT to see this. Go David! (I'll bring the vodka.)

Krysta said...

god, i wished i lived in nyc... jealous beyond belief! anyways, i love what you wrote about david, the love you have for him just shines through and we all need that type of person in our lives. and i second mrs. tigerlily "go david"

Sarah said...

What a special show for your family! Your description of your dad laughing at each magical scene put a little lump in my throat. Best wishes to David (or do you say "break a leg?") :)