Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Living' It Up at the Hotel California...

Just wanted to let you know about two big things in my life:

1. I dropped my brand new Black Jack phone in the toilet on Mother's Day and so I have no phone. No e-mail. No freakin' Twitter when I am away from home. This was my Mother's day gift to myself apparently. Not having a phone is, for me, a little like cutting off my feet and then asking me to walk around.

I will tell you that the phone died a valiant death. It actually worked for a whole day, tempting me into thinking it had somehow defied the soaking of Edie's urine, but alas it, croaked. And so again, as a Mother's day gift to myself, I had to buy another phone. At retail. Retail sucks.

2. And this brings me to the other big thing. My new phone is being delivered to the Hotel California in Santa Monica, where we will be staying this week. David is in LA on business and the girls and I will be on the beach, playing in the sand, riding the rides on the pier and re-learning the fundamentals of board walk food. I still have yet to teach the girls all about the wonders of a good funnel cake. There is much to do.

Then, we will totally do the lame parent thing and take them to...gasp...wait for it...Disneyland. That's right, we've totally caved. We have lost all parent coolness and hipster credibility, if we had any left at all. We thought we would be taking our children on food tours of Italy, Safaris in Kenya and rock climbing trips to Tibet, but instead, like generations of parents before us, we are taking the historic pink death march of hell to the home of the Disney princesses.

And it's like we sprinkled magic fairy dust in the kid's broccoli because they are absolutely freakin' OVER THE MOON about Disneyland. And really, they have no idea what it is. They've had their little noses pressed up to the computer looking at other people's vacations on YouTube and dreamily saying things like, "I love Sleeping Beauty. I can't wait to see her dress." Eh, good lord.

Those crazy hotels in Cali have Wi-Fi, you know, so I will be posting. And Twittering once I get my new phone delivered on Wednesday. And if any of you live near Santa Monica and have two small children longing for a play date, well, you know where to find us - by e-mail or "living it up in the Hotel California"...

And you're gonna totally be singing that song all day. Promise.

I'll post again Wednesday-ish.

xo YM



ntsc said...

Small children have been fascinated by Disneyland since it opened. My parents drove from about Chicago to LA and back. I was 8 and my brother 4. We loved the place.

Of course we also stopped at Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Cannon, Grand Tetons and Petrified
Forest. I've been back to some of the later. Even though I get free park passes now, I've never been back to any of the Disney places.

Mommy Lisa said...

I quite frequently have Eagles songs in my head - too many frat parties in college I think. So, no biggie.

In fact, a girlfriend and I actually looked at bar/restaurants while in Eagle, CO determined to start a restaurant called the Hotel California.

man we would have been sued.

melissa said...

Sorry about the phone, yikes.

Wish I could see ya. I live about 8 minutes from Disneyland and have never been, can you imagine? We got new neighbors here from Minnesota and they instantly bought season passes, yet we've lived here for 11 years and haven't been. Silly. I'm sure the girls will have a fantastic time!

SaintTigerlily said...

And this is the absolute truth: I went to Disneyland for my 6th birthday courtesy of my dear old dad. I hated it. I cried when any of the big dressed up creatures tried to come near me and the whole thing jumpstarted a lifelong HATRED of pirates and carrot cake. True. Story.

I hope you all have better luck!

dcc said...

YM (long time reader, first time poster ... and friend of Saintly Tigerlily)

I love DL, sorry ST. It is also retro cool enough to go, love it and pretend that you are there because it is that cool alter hip. You get your hippster cred for going, and helping your kids take in all that is wonderful of the Land and its Mouse King... Just keep on the Ray Bands and you are all set. Make sure to get the Turkey legs near Frontier Land.

ntsc said...

OK it is Thursdayish and where is our YM fix? The world wonders?

the yummy mummy said...


I feel like you just spanked me across the internet.

And I liked it. Wiseguy.

Nearly done with a new post. Will have it up soon. Have to ride the bumper cars now.


Lisa (Homesick Texan) said...

Be careful--you can check out any time you like but you can NEVER LEAVE! OK, sorry for that, but that's what you get for sticking that dang song in my head. Have fun in California! Plus, I always resented my hipster parents for NOT taking me to Disneyland so you're doing a good thing.

ntsc said...

If you liked it, I liked it.

Sitting in a room in St. Louis listening to somebody lecturing a bunch of very senior electrical engineers on Electricity for Dummies as if we were the Dummies. And he wants cooperation. I'm looking for amusement on the web.

The Mulligan Family said...

Hope that all of you have great time at Disneyland. My Dad worked for Walt Disney for 30 years. He helped to build Disneyland. You can still see much of his work...he was a woodworker... all of the fancy woodwork on the buildings up and down Main Street, and the fancy woodowork on the big white river boat - the Mark Twain. Say a little "hi" to him while you're there! ;-)

I've heard the Long Beach Aquarium is really spectacular. That might be something you and the girls would enjoy.

Have a great time. Wish I was still in So. Cal., would love to meet you. I lived in Culver City which is right next door to Santa Monica.

Take care and enjoy the beach for me!

Cheers, Cindy

Krysta said...

i love disneyland. there i said it. i've been with the kids and twice with the hubs all by ourselves. now granted, my kids were older than lucy and edie but i swear they sprinkle magic dust on everything. the air is cleaner, people are nice, kids don't fight. and a urine soaked phone? it needed to be trashed!